Synoptic CV

Formal Education: NDG (Pta  Technikon 1961) & NHDG
(1981) both cum laude
BA UNISA - majoring in Philosophy and Logic (1979)

Several years of lecturing experience in basic & graphic design as well as mindful perception.

Extensive research into Bombyx mori and the sericulture.

Exhaustive experience in utilizing Design, Photo & Video editing, and Digital composition software.

Several solo and multiple group exhibitions

Personal information

Full name: Helena de Bruyn - (Linky) Nee: Stoker

Date of birth: 12 February 1941  ID 410212 0042  080

Physical address: Suidhang 2 , 34 Kirkia Street,
Lydiana, Pretoria 0184

Postal address: Postnet suite 466, Private Bag X 025,
Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0040

My professional career as graphic designer and multi-faceted innovative artist spans more than 50 + years and can be described as an ongoing,
occuring and reoccuring variety of different passions.

AS GRAPHIC DESIGNER - I delivered a service
1962 - 1965 - I was employed as a graphic designer by Ernst de Jong studio on a part time basis .
I also lectured I  freelanced as graphic designer, and furthered my studies at UNIA and the Pretoria Technikon
During 1975 Studio Linky was established
1975 - 1989 - The studio was  intenssively involved in a private Group of Companies 
1989 - 2000  - Many major companies made use of Studio Linky's services in the establishing of their corporate imagees and creation of unique promotional
items such as calenders, invitations and point of sale.
2002 - I scaled down on the grahic design and focused on expanding Studio Linky into divers and exciting avenues

AS DIGITAL ARTIST - The undo and save as buttons  made me fearless
1991 I discovered the marvel of the digital world and familiarizes myself with various design software programs on the PC and Apple Mac platforms.
She soon started  experimenting and developed her own technique in creating digital art works. This she calls Electrography
In 2004  I sadly bid my Mac farewell and worked solely on the PC platform.
I also utilise the laser as a cutting instrument and create laser and layered laser artworks.
I also uses different software programs to create my fractal art.

AS PAINTER - I discocered  stillness and light
At the end of 2002 I seriously accepted the challenge of painting again.
The overall themes of my oil paintings are that of stillness, a spiritual quality of light is portrayed in vast and evocative landscapes and seascapes.
Sometimes an individual household item is used in a symbolic way.
My technique is that of extreme subtlety in colour grading and colour fusion thus creating serene and contemplative quietness.
In 2009 the desire to paint took hold of me again. I moved away from oils, stillness and sparse detail to acrylics, lots of texture and  focused on growth and change.
These paintings are vastly different from my white, quiet, oil paintings because I believe that change, however difficult it may be, is essential. 
I also tried my hand at abstract and non-figurative work expressing the excitement and joy of rich, dark colours and heavy textures, but never at the expense of light.
These works were part of a  retrospective exhibition that was presented in February  2011 at the Pretoria Art Association
Over a period of 9 years there were three solo exhibitions.- two using oil and one acrylic.

AS QUESTOR - everything  became an exciting challenge
Linky's studio is lovingly called Kaleidoquest. The word is derived from 2 Greek words plus the word quest
KALOS = Beauty and EIDOS = Form + QUEST.
As questor I have spent many stimulating hours utilising a great variety of materials and techniques in creating a vast aray of  artworks.

MULTI -MEDIA - all my passions converged
In gratitude to Life I create short inspiring videos in which, text and sound are sensitively and meaningfully synchronised.
My love for words and music are echoed in my scripts and sound tracks.
My passion for photography and videography create the visual components.
My experience as graphic designer is reflected in the editing and presentation of the final products.
A total of 12 videos have been completed and released as DVDs over a period of 10 years.

THE SILKWORM PROJECT - is  a revelation
For almost 20 years I and silkworms have worked in close camaraderi.
My attitude towars life has been directly influenced by the close proximity to one of nature's miracles.
All that I perceived and read about the silkworm and the sericulture somehow broadened my outlook, enhanced my insight and tempered my tolerance.

It has become my philosophy of life.